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Tungsten and Molybdenum crucible


Tungsten Crucible and Molybdenum Crucible are used in growing sapphire, crystal and rare earths industry. They are also used for vacuum evaporation coating production. All of our Tungsten and molybdenum crucibles are made of high purity powder. We have a lot of experience in this filed. We can produce varied measures and shapes crucibles to meet your needs. The bigest W and Mo crucibles we can supply are out diameter of 450mm, and smallest one is diameter of 18 mm.
Molybdenum and tungsten Alloy Crucible is our new product. It is with higher working temperature and lower price.                           


1. Tungsten Crucible (99.95%), Forged
Size Available: Diameter: 18 ~ 120mm, Wall thickness: 1.0mm min
Working Temperature: 2,100℃ or up



2. Tungsten Crucible (99.95%), Sintering

Size Available: Diameter: 100 ~ 450mm, Wall thickness: 5.0 ~ 20.0mm

Working Temperature: 2,100or up



3. Molybdenum Crucible (99.95%)
Size Available: Diameter: 18 ~ 450mm, Wall thickness: 0.5mm min
Working Temperature: 1,900or lower



4. Tantalum Crucible (99.95%), Sintering
Size Available: Diameter: 20 ~ 200mm, Wall thickness: 0.5mm min
Working Temperature: 1,300℃ or lower


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